Educational Offer

The research program is supported by an educational plan that includes four levels:

  1. Lectures and seminars on topics of interest for various research fields, with particular attention to research methodology;
  2. Elective training activities on topics of specific interest to each PhD student;
  3. Scientific events on multidisciplinary topics of interest to all PhD students in the course and/or courses in the biomedical area;
  4. Active teaching by the PhD student, who is involved in activities of both the PhD course itself (journal club) and other courses (such as specialty schools, master's programs, grand rounds).

On average, in the 3 years of the course there are from 30 to 40 PhD students enrolled in the program. One of the peculiar characteristics of the program is the diverse background of the PhD students. In recent years, about 50% had a degree in medicine and surgery, about 30% had a degree in biology/biotechnology, and the remaining came from other degree programs (chemistry, psychology, etc.). This promotes a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to research and teaching. The program is highly attractive for additional resources, as demonstrated by the fact that more than two-thirds of the PhD scholarships are funded by external entities.